April 13th: Last Day

Our group had become smaller, we had been saying goodbye to several after the puja weekend. Luckily, Tarini and Madhavi had missed their flight to Australia, and their next scheduled flight was cancelled, so they stayed with us much longer than we thought they would.

They got to tag along with us to Hitoshi’s house for lunch near Minami-Osawa station. There was a beautiful altar and a meditation room set up at their house. The Japan collective held regular meditations and pujas there.

Vandana, her sister Rajini and the rest of the Japan family cooked enough Indian food for 27 people. It was a nice change from the Ramen, Udon, and raw foods we ate from 711 and at the hotel in Chiba. Although, we did miss the chocolate fondue.

Hitoshi and Bagus shared their stories about how they came into Sahaja Yoga.

Hitoshi told us how he has always been seeking since a very young age. He liked to use a telescope and look at the stars. He studied psychology because he had a lot of questions about life. He knew there was something more.

When he attended a program by Shri Mataji in Japan, 200 Japanese seekers had come. Hitoshi felt that this was the answer he was looking for. He also thought that was it, everything was okay now and he didn’t need to go back to meditation again.

Within a few months he attended the follow up programs as he realized he was feeling heavy and not as vibrationally strong as the first time. One time, he received an invitation from Uncle Bruno and his wife for Mother’s Bday Puja in Kolkata.

When his flight to Kolkata could not land and had to go back to Delhi, Hitoshi felt very lost, and confused. He had many doubts. He hadn’t been meditating with Shri Mataji’s picture at that time, but he did in the airport.

Suddenly, someone sitting next to him said: “Are you a Sahaja yogi?”

He said, “yes.”

The yogini next to him explained how everyone around him was the Italian Collective and they were all going to Kolkata. Hitoshi also described a moment when he was in front of Shri Mataji, and she concentrated her attention on him as if giving him enough energy to last him a lifetime.

Bagus also shared how the first time he sat in front of Shri Mataji’s picture, he felt his heart sing a prayer from the Quran, despite that he wasn’t Muslim.

We started bhajan practice. Songs for the left, center and right heart were selected because we felt that since Shri Mataji said she was welcomed in Japan by Shri Shiva and 1 meter of snow in June, to not only cool down the right side of the country, but also to open up the left heart of the Japanese people.

Shri Jagadambe ayi re was tremendously powerful. On top of shouting the words at the top of our lungs, our faces were bright and shining, and our hands danced in the air. We hoped to muster this energy for our last performance tonight.

Niraja and Emma practiced Bhangra outside the apartment, adding some new and cool sword fighting moves.

We followed Bagus to Chofu were our last concert would be held. It was in a very fancy theatrical hall.

6 new seekers had showed up. The Japan Collective were very surprised by the number as people in Tokyo are very busy and caught up in their work that it was a miracle for one person to show up.

The guided meditation felt a bit heavy as a huge clearance took place. The meditation was followed by Bagus’ piano solo of Jago Kundalini Ma. The vibrations became much better which set us into the mood of playing the next songs: Raghupati Ram, Shankara Bole Bhale, Jagadambe aye ri.


After a successful concert, and as a farewell to everyone on the tour, we went all out at this pizzeria. A 3 week-old SY seeker, John, from Australia, joined us.

“Everyone is so happy all the time, and their faces are just beaming. It’s something I haven’t seen in my three years here in Tokyo. You guys uplifted the roof of Japan.”

John expressed a strong interest in following up with the collective in Australia as he was moving back there.

A group of yuvas shared that they would be staying longer, some exploring Tokyo, Kyoto, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, and even Hokkaido!

Katherine and Devindra, two yuvas from the tour, as well Dilia, a yogini from the Japan collective will be going to Hokkaido May 1st-May 9th.

They celebrate Sahasrara Puja at two swayambhu look-a-likes in hopes of awakening the Sahasrara of Hokkaido and it’s Ainu people (Japanese Natives).

Madhavi’s birthday celebration ensued. We bowed to the Pizzeria’s chefs, saying:



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