April 12th: Day 11

We woke up to seeing the tip of Mt. Fuji from the window. We hadn’t seen a blue sky since the tour started. We felt that it had something to do with Shri Shiva puja performed the night before on Shri Hanumana Jayanti.


We all rushed out to Yoyogi park to enjoy the weather. We ended up sitting in a park behind a temple and found many foreigners relaxing on the grass.

A few of us did some leafleting, Ana from Austria gave realization to a few passersby and those sitting on the grass. What attracted people to our group was the music. Ganesh from Germany played the harmonium, and Rohan from Malaysia played the dholak. Nooria from the UK and Agnese from Italy sang bhajans along with a few others.



Nalini danced with a few girls, Ram, Devdut, Emma and others climbed a tree. Qasim and the rest sun-bathed on the grass as we all relaxed and enjoyed the music.


Madhavi from the UK did the girls’ hair and put Sakura petals on their head. A US couple approached us to ask about meditation. We all sat in a circle as Sanjivani led the meditation.

The US couple spoke Russian and Anton kept them company. His forehead was red and sun-burnt so he had to talk with his head in the opposite direction from the sun and from our direction. He was very funny and the US couple took a liking to him.

Everyone who got their realization at the park felt the vibrations, they commented on what they felt in their hands, and took flyers in hopes of finding a class near them in their country when they leave Japan.

All the yuva girls decided to surprise the boys with a small Raksha bandhan. One rakhi bracelet was assigned to each group of girls, so one group of girls would rakhi one brother out of the 7-8, since we outnumbered them. The smiling and shining faces of our brothers warmed our hearts. They were totally caught off guard and very happy with our surprise, especially the sweets we fed them.

We took a group photo by the Sakura tree and said goodbye to Sophie from Australia.


Our group split up with a few going to Yoyogi station to get lunch, and a few returning the instruments in OYC for the evening workshop/bhajan practice.

We got to go kimono shopping at a secondhand store. Amar (Austria) bought all the kimonos for men, leaving Omar (Romania/Iraq) with nothing but the kimonos for women which he bought for himself anyway.

At the workshop, a 3 week-old SY seeker, John from Australia, came. He joined us later for Bhajan practice and sang Kali Kamaliya Wali, and Mast Qalandar with us.

It was the first time I heard Kali Kamaliya Wali. It was so powerful that I could only pray to perform this more often with the collective.




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