April 6th-9th: Shri Rama Puja

International Shri Rama Puja 2017

Through the eyes of Nalini from Italy 

On the 6th of April we arrived at Katsura. As we exited the train station, and were welcomed by a beautiful country side scenery, the outline of Japanese rooftops engulfed in a sea of long moving grass and surrounded by the greenery of the forest.  The closer we got to the Puja venue, the winds of the sea seemed to wash away the heaviness accumulated in the city and vibrationally I felt regenerated by the power of nature. Only after leaving the city, I realized how vibrationally we had been working at a collective level the heaviness of our surroundings.

17836828_10158529686825077_1592947998_o The Puja venue was an extremely beautiful place. Elegant Japanese rooms with footon beds facing the ocean view, included  kimonos and tea sets for its guests. During the whole Puja weekend, I could really feel the attentiveness and care the Japanese have for others, both expressed in the kindness of the hotel staff as well as the yogis. Although the Japanese yogis were very few, they did not compromise in hosting in the best possible way  the yogis that came for the Puja.


On Friday we had a havan outside on the beach. The sky was stormy and the ocean was loud. While setting up the havan, we really felt we were the protectors of the havan just as Shri Rama is the god that defends with his arrows, the havan protects us from any negativity. We dug up a pit in the sand and decorated the sides of the fireplace with mandalas.


We placed Mothers picture by a gateway at the beach that symbolizes the Japanese culture, a passage to the divine realm. An easy way to heavan, just as our Mother standing beyond the gate gave us an easy way to self realization.  During the whole havan many of us felt that all the elements were participating in this event. Our feet were sandy, our skin salty, our heads wet from the drizzling rain as the wind mingled with the flames of the havan. In the sky, birds flew low, almost like messengers of mother nature that the land of Japan was also participating in the havan.

Throughout the weekend, I felt cool vibrations but somehow I always felt as if a bit of my inner joy was missing. During the Puja, although Mother had talked of Shri Rama, my attention kept going to Shri Shiva and my left heart. Suddenly while having my attention on Shri Shiva I felt so much joy and felt there was a connection between Shri Shiva and Shri Rama as if one could not exist without the other. The perfect human being cannot exist without the joy of the spirit.



I opened my eyes and the white Sarii decorating Mother’s photo reminded me of the snow of mountain Kailash.  Later on in the weekend, uncle Bruno talked of the time Mother came to Japan and how it had snowed 1 meter in the middle of June. He said that Mother told the Japanese yogis that Shri Shiva was welcoming her in Japan as only the joy of the spirit could open the heart of the people and make them seek inside.
So, although the calm and silent culture of Japan had made me more peaceful and directed inside, after the Puja, I was also filled with great inner joy. The joy was fully expressed then in the many performances offered by our brothers and sisters from the Asian countries.
As we left the Puja venue to go back to Tokyo, I felt recharged as I knew I was empowered with Shri Rama’s arrows, ready to give more realizations.



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